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             Ways to Help

The colored blocks on the index page are filled with the names of wonderful, generous and caring entities that have supported the causes mentioned on this page. This list is growing!

When our "Share in the Care" ambassadors contact you to make an appointment or drop off our information, please let us share our information with you.


Consider helping us as a show of support for important causes, so that together, we can:

  • disseminate information on Fluoroquinolone Toxicity
  • help to fund research to find a treatment or cure for FQ Toxicity
  • stop the exploitation of the Mentally Challenged
  • put an end to Voter Fraud
  • help to stop Childhood Obesity
  • encourage Responsiblity and Accountability of kids at an early age  
  • teach Pet Care and Respect to all children

Invite us to speak to your group on any of the above subjects.

Whatever you can do to help us ”get the word out” is enormously appreciated!

If you wish to make a donation, please Contact us.

Want to be a "Share In The Care" Ambassador?  Contact us.