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How Timex helped: 
For those of you who have FQ Toxicity or any disease/syndrome where it is absolutely imperative that physicians, nurses and EMTs see at a glance what meds they can or cannot give you, imagine this scenario using a fictitious medication:
You are highly allergic to Bixin. In fact, you are never allowed to take it again because when you were prescribed Bixin a while back, you had horrible Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs) like: seizures, intense non-stop panic attacks, badly ruptured tendons, progressive Central Nervous System problems including brain damage, excruciatingly painful irreversible Neuropathy, paralysis, hair loss, moving teeth, continuous urinary tract infections and more.

Taking Bixin again would intensify those symptoms and you would actually prefer death to going through those ADRs which would now be magnified!

You are the passenger in a car, not driven by your spouse or relative who knows your precise medical history. The driver gets into a bad accident. Your side is bashed in. You are bleeding and dazed, although nothing is broken; no organs are involved. An ambulance comes and you are put onto a stretcher and taken to a hospital.

You end up in the ER where there is a lot of confusion, action, and various people scurrying around and talking loudly.

Remember -- you are dazed and no one is with you to speak up on your behalf. Your wounds look much
worse than they are. A "standard procedure'" decision is made to ward-off infection while you wait to be
further evaluated. Within a few minutes an IV is started-----filled with Bixin!

You might as well be walking into Hell!

Nobody saw your delicate medical bracelet or necklace-even if you had one. It didn't stand out -- boldly
grab anyone's attention in a hectic atmosphere.

What I just described is more typical than you would think. Many people are harmed in hospital settings
and especially ERs by getting a dose of exactly what they are allergic to. Well, I did not want to be one
of those statistics -- not again!

WatchD_xs.jpg (26801 bytes)So, being naturally inventive, I asked my husband to retrieve an old Timex watch that had seen better days. This watch had a rather large, round face so that I could see the numbers, because of my visual impairments. My husband carefully removed the "inner gizmos" and put them aside. It was not a simple task to do this without bending or cracking anything.

Next, he carefully measured the watch face, inside and outside and from various angles to get the precise measurements. Then, my husband entered those details into his computer art program. He started drawing circles to match the measurements and created just the right color -- bold red -- as a
background for the most important information I would ever need anyone to see in just 7 words:

"NO Floxins Quinolones Cortico-Steroids NSAIDS Diabetic" (See larger image at bottom of page)

Wherever I go, my "watch" screams out what NOT to do. It cannot be missed. Everyone, especially
those in the medical profession, does a double-take, comes closer and says "What's that?! or "What a
great idea" while viewing just a few lines of verbiage on something that took my husband hours to
carefully put together.

And guess what? I called Timex and sent them a photo of my very special "watch" with a compelling
letter. I heard back from them with great news. This wonderful company has a big heart! They really
care about helping those of us with medical problems, whose message MUST be seen in serious
circumstances .... and they have provided us their watches so that we can offer them to you.

So far, Timex has sent an initial batch of approximately 100 round, large-faced watches: 29 are gold
plated and the rest are silver plated. The watchbands are standard men-sized and stretch to fit the wrist.
Should any watchband be too large, the appropriate number of links can be removed. (I had to have
links taken out. My wrist is very thin.)

Contact us with questions at: staffatshareinthecaredotnet.   (Replace the bolded words with the correct symbols).  If interested in keeping yourself safe from drugs that can harm you, send a check for $16.00 + $ 4.00 S&H and make it out to:

     Mike Cohen
     2807 Washington Road, Suite B 206
     Augusta, GA 30909.

This check is to defray the cost of the time it takes to create a professional Medical Watch to your specific needs and to get it to you safely. Although my Medical Watch relates to my Fluoroquinolone toxicity, yours can relate to your particular condition.  However, a portion of your donation will go towards research on Fluoroquinolone induced brain damage and irreversible neuropathy or the next FQ Rally in Washington DC in 2014.

• Include your choice of gold or silver. We will try to honor your request but cannot promise that you

  will get your color choice.
• Include up to 7 words. Hint: Just provide the most important words, such as the names of the

  meds you definitely don't want or definitely must have and the name of an important condition you
  have, if it's absolutely necessary information.
• Include your Name and Ship To address.
• Give us your phone number in case we have a question. 
• Our phone number is:  706-284-0317 or 678-622-2190.

• Our e-mail is:  staffatshareinthecare.net (please use the @ sign for "at".

Here's a photo of my Medical Watch. I feel much safer now that I have it:

WatchE_sm.jpg (30181 bytes) DON'T GET FLOXED AGAIN!