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Rudis _Logo.jpg (8942 bytes)From the Rudi's Guest Blog:

Fresh From the Oven

Organic bread provides nourishment for sufferer of Neurotoxicity, by Guest Blogger Judith

July 13, 2012

Let me tell you a very unusual story of how it is that I came to find and rely on Rudi’s Bread:

I am originally from Pittsburgh, PA. I went to Penn State and the University of Pittsburgh. I began teaching in Pittsburgh and moved to Washington, DC to teach in the Fairfax County School System. I met my husband in Pittsburgh and quit teaching to raise a family.

rudis_sunshine.jpg (27115 bytes)We have one daughter who graduated from Emerson and Harvard and teaches in Boston. I have been happily married for thirty-three years and have been living in Augusta, GA for over twenty of them. My husband and I have a family owned business that we started about thirty years ago. We design and manufacture Kid Motivational items. However, after much luck and many successes, that business came to a complete stop after a toxic reaction to a Fluoroquinolone antibiotic I took in 2009. We plan on continuing our business efforts, but it will be a very difficult up-hill climb.

In December of 2009, I had a horrendous cough and a lot of congestion that would just not go away. Although I had no fever and otherwise felt fine, but sleepy from hacking all night long, all of the chicken soup, nose drops, cough medicine, breathing in steam and other home remedies did not help. I went to an Ears, Nose and Throat Doctor as a last resort. He told me that I had not been given “proper” medical treatment, and without his taking any X-rays or blood tests to confirm actual infections, he prescribed an antibiotic called Levaquin. Being Diabetic, which is always on my mind because I have to test my blood sugars every day and modify my diet, I asked the doctor if Levaquin was safe for Diabetics. He said “Sure”. At that point, I took my prescription to the Pharmacy and started on a 7 day course that changed my DNA and my life, forever.

Not only did it alter my DNA but it tore up my rotator cuffs in both shoulders, with thousands of tiny spontaneous ruptures across my back and neck. I know that my future is scary. At any time, another bizarre symptom could start. My Achilles tendons could rupture. How do I know this? I am a degreed Educational Researcher. I have been trained to separate fact from fiction. I was able to find some very savvy Fluoroquinolone Toxicity victims to network with plus dig for answers on my own. My goal is a very simple 2-fold plan: to save lives and to try to collect enough money to fund badly needed research on how Fluoroquinolones (namely Levaquin) affect the CNS System. The FDA heard about my research and advocacy and recruited me into their Special Government Employee program as a Patient Rep in 2011. I was one of about 40 recruits across the country.

I am becoming more and more intolerant of certain foods. I can’t eat anything with hormones or antibiotics. I drink only distilled water and I have to watch everything that I put in my mouth.

This brings me to the “Rudi’s” part of my story. While shopping for truly organic meats and fish, I began to notice that the bread I was eating (just regular sandwich bread) was making me sick to my stomach. That seemed so strange. Why bread? I do not know the answer to this day, but I found the remedy. After I tried every brand of bread in the supermarket with the same “pain in the stomach” results, I went to my organic store and my husband and I studied the various brands of bread–carefully looking at each ingredient. We came upon Rudi’s. I did not buy it, but took down the company information and called. A very intelligent fellow helped me figure out which of the many types of Rudi’s Breads would be best suited to my peculiar needs. With that information in hand, my husband immediately drove me to the organic store and thank goodness, the two types of Rudi’s Bread that I needed were available: Rudi’s Country Morning White and Rudi’s Double Fiber. Not only are they delicious and a cut above, but it’s been many, many months, and they have never bothered me or my delicate intestines. At least I can enjoy a sandwich. When I have to travel to a clinic, distilled water, organic meat and Rudi’s Breads accompany me. I’m not taking any chances!

For more information on the advocacy, awareness and action work that the Share in the Care organization is doing please visit http://www.shareinthecare.net, and for more information on Judi’s story please see  http://www.shareinthecare.net/levaquin.htm.